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Must have the conditions of high-quality coil wound

Date:2013-01-30 14:45:58 Hits:1593

  We all know that the automatic winding machine processing coils more smooth its electrical and mechanical properties better, but tend to occur in the processing of the actual winding coil uneven and both ends of the stack lines, dropped calls and other common problems, in fact, to be aroundsystem of a flat coil, in addition to a high-precision winding machine, you also need the attachment process with. So that the two can complement each other, and finally wound coil will be more smooth, refined. The following briefly talk about the need to have the flat coil winding several conditions:
  First, the selection good the winding mold and skeleton. Die and the skeleton is enameled and forming the key member, which determines the shape of the coil in handling, the mold must be equipped with an effective fastening in place, skeleton should be possible to select the overall, the amount of deformation of the splice skeleton are generally larger, not conducive to of NC Winder accurate cable, high product's skeleton entire column coil forming the key.
  Secondly, we must set a reasonable winding parameters. Viagra scheduled production of coil winding machine uses a 32-bit ARM high degree of automation of the control chip, system linkage operation responsible for the various components of the entire device, the parameter is set to decide whether it's running to meet the technical requirements, and therefore this require the user to correct and reasonable set of good relevant parameters shall be according to their needs. The only way to fully play its role in the control system of the machine, a fine coil winding.
  Finally, talk about the attachment process in the coiled tension control. Tension control coil tightness has a great relationship, it should be set to reference enameled wire the security tension value, combined with the actual process needs to adjust the tension value is too small wound coil prone to loose cable inaccurate , coil form factor is too large, the tension value is too enameled wire to produce paint stripping, broken the correct tension values control the coil molding played a key role.
  The above three points only reference we provide you with specific operation Please refer to the manual supplied with the product, consulting related issues like our product debugging.

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